Tine Amalie Bjerring Sorth & Radir El Chaer

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This paper aims to research the dynamics of stigmatisation and how social stigma and self-stigma interrelates and affects the subject. Through the use of different relevant theories from the social sciences, we will explore the field of how social stigma affect the stigma one applies to oneself. In order to investigate this topic, we interviewed two people with different relations to the subject. First, we interviewed a patient who has had several years of experience with what it is like getting a diagnosis and going through treatment and/or stigma. Next, we interviewed a home advisor from Socialpsykiatrien in Roskilde who works with vulnerable young people, including people with mental illnesses. Through our work we found a link between social and self-stigma that indicates self-stigma being reliant on social stigma. Also, the process of stigmatising is not necessarily a conscious act and a person might not be aware of doing it at all. Furthermore, we realized that labelling can both have a beneficial and damaging effect. This project encourages diminishing the existence of stigma in all forms as the effects of stigma is both bad for the subject and society.

EducationsCultural Encounter, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date27 May 2019
Number of pages35
SupervisorsSofie Pedersen


  • Stigma
  • Self-stigma
  • self-perception
  • labelling
  • mental illness