Satire: News and Satire

Janus Wiwe Hansen, Kenneth Bernardo Abendan, Oliver Preben Jørgensen, Stephanie Houldcroft & Mourits Horst Løvholt

Student thesis: Basic Project


This paper examines the concept “satire” especially focused on the American cartoon show, South Park. Our motivation for the project originates in our interest in “political correctness” in an era characterized by a media, which seems to fail in addressing current events in an appropriate manner. We have accounted for the origin of “satire” by tracing the essence back to ancient biblical texts and investigated how it has turned into the powerful mouthpiece it is today. Furthermore, we have conducted analyzes of the storyline in South Park’s seasons 19 and 20 and of two news reportages of traditional media outlets respectively, for comparison between the two ways of news presentation.
To find out whether satire is a constructive element in our media landscape, we have discussed its potential dangers and potential advantages over traditional media.
Our findings show that the challenges of our society are not being addressed appropriately for the time being and that satire is not an obvious solution

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date28 May 2017
Number of pages4093
SupervisorsZoran Lee Pecic