Særligt Sensitiv - et indblik i anderledeshed i nutidens samfund

Sini Harboe Henriksen, Frederikke Sund, Maria Lauritsen & Nesli Baldan

Student thesis: Termpaper


Based on the narratives of four women, this project report examines otherness in the contemporary society. The four women; Jane, Sigrid, Karen and Marianne define themselves as being highly sensitive – a relatively new phenomenon, which has occurred in Danish society, as well as in the rest of the western world. To put an insight into the understanding of otherness and being highly sensitive, we produced four individual interviews with the aforementioned women. The interviews as well as our scientific approach in the project have been inspired by symbolic interactionism. Our theoretical approach is based on theories represented by Richard Jenkins, Erving Goffman and Axel Honneth. The analysis in the project demonstrates that narratives of otherness are formed very differently depending on individual circumstances. Some of the women generates the highly sensitivity as a positive and useful personality trait in their daily lives, while the other women produce the highly sensitivity as a limiting part of their daily life. Furthermore the project calls for a widening of the concept society. In the narratives of the women society is defined as working life and other relational contexts. They create very different pictures of whether they find that their otherness is being acknowledged by society.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date18 Dec 2013
SupervisorsKim Rasmussen


  • Særligt sensitiv
  • Anderledeshed