Rygning - En visuel stimulans: Unge og rygning

David Frøtorp Øhrstrøm, Malene Bybjerg Hoffmeyer, Camilla Harboe Hansen & Nicolai Nørregaard Børninck

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This study investigates how young people’s smoking habits can be affected by the appearance of cigarette packaging. The motivation for this study is that the Red Government has proposed to make neutral cigarette packaging in order to reduce youths’ interest in smoking. For the past ten years, cigarette packages have been labelled with a picture that intend to warn people about the risk of smoking. The study is based on five qualitative interviews with young people aged 16-20 years. To find out how young people respond to a possible change in cigarette packages, we had to genuinely understand these youths’ view of smoking. By asking about their attitude towards health, what concerned them and when they smoke the most, we developed an understanding of why they kept smoking even though they knew about the consequences.
To analyse the interviews, we used media reception analysis constructed by Kim Schrøder. This approach allowed us to understand how some people experience media in a given situation. Besides media reception analysis, we also used governmentality analysis to find out how the government controls young people through using various controlling techniques to lead them to act in a certain way. The interviews revealed that many of the young people are not concerned about their own health. Besides that, they don’t see the risk of smoking as something that can affect them because it is too distant in the future and from the life they’re living right now. To conclude, the idea about the warning picture on the cover isn’t helpful to make young people quit smoking. The respondents thought that the neutral packaging looked cool. Based on the interviews and our understanding of young smokers in Denmark, we will discuss some other solutions that we find more effective.

EducationsCommunication Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date30 May 2017
Number of pages41
SupervisorsNorbert Wildermuth