A Research Project on the Norm of Responsibility to Protect

Anna-Kathrine Gottschalk-Hansen, Johanne Kloster Kirk & Ida Harder Nielsen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This case study engages with R2P as a norm, with the focal of how the UNSC has dealt with the Syrian crisis. Document analysis of UNSC meeting records from 2011- 2016 are used as empiricism together with expert interviews. The project examines the clash between sovereignty and R2P, and explores both current and future aspects of the norm. Through the lens of The English School and the theory of The Norm Life Cycle, the research project concludes R2P has weakened as a norm, but are not yet to be condemned. In order to internalize R2P in the International Society, the UNSC must rise above the member states’ self-interests, and prioritize R2P over sovereignty.

EducationsInternational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date20 Dec 2016
Number of pages62
SupervisorsSanne Brasch Kristensen