Revurdering af Risici ved Proms Kemiske Fabrik

Mass Holmegård Mortensen & Anna Jørholt

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project aims to investigate the way both groundwater and pollution travels through different types of soil, until it comes to the groundwater. For this purpose we have chosen to use a case in the form of the Prom-case, which is one of Denmark's biggest pollution cases. Proms Chemical Factory (Proms Kemiske Fabrik) moved to Viemose around 1960 and in this period until 1997, where it was forced to close by the bankruptcy court in Vordingborg, there were also several environmental injunctions along the way. The company sold semi-finished products to the medical industry, and it generated a lot of waste, which helped to spill Chlorinated Solvents and other hazardous substances into the soil, which exists to this day. The cleanup has cost millions and it has been interesting to see how there have been dealt with pollution over time, as this largely relates to what types of pollution have been discovered and when, and here, is the way that groundwater travels through the geology of the area the central focal point. In some places the pollution is almost not moving at all due to highly permeable moraine clay, and elsewhere it is moving away from the factory area due to the sand layers there are causing weaknesses in the moraine clay. But what is the speed, what dangers are there for groundwater and humans today? That's what the project wants to give a clear answer to.

EducationsGeography, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2 Jan 2018
Number of pages61
SupervisorsPaul Thorn