Performance-related pay for teachers

Philip Ramgil Hadberg, Jeppe Kramer Jørgensen, Rune Askgaard & Jonatan Ingemann Mollerup

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This projects purpose is to investigate which opportunities and limitations that comes with performance-related pay for teachers. Resultatløn/Performance-related pay is in Denmark a wage element in the public wage system with the purpose of creating an economic incentive to produce more. The project will be based on earlier international research as well as Danish about performance-related pay in the public sector and specifically teachers in the elementary school level as well as knowledge about the Danish school and wage system. The project will offset in the critical realistic science tradition. Focus will be on opportunities and limits with designing a performance-related pay system and the result indicators that comes with it, effect on teachers’ behavior and motivation. Empirically the project will be based on document analysis of articles from the union paper Folkeskolen, scientific articles and the secondary empiricism that comes with it and organizational publications. Besides these the project will be empirically based on statistical wage analysis in the Danish municipalities as well as interviews with two actors who works with the Danish wage negotiations. Therefore, the project has a mixed-methods approach with the purpose of creating a broader knowledge regarding opportunities and limits with performance-related pay for teachers considering the complementary elements between used methods. Following conclusions has been made: The complexity of teachers many tasks makes it hard to measure objectively, which is why skewed working efforts is hard to avoid. Besides this can result indicators contradict professional norms and intrinsic motivation, which can lead to decreased effectiveness. Finally, it is discussed why resultatløns distribution has been so limited and a suggestion on how to possibly implement performance-related pay is given.

EducationsPolitics and Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date19 Dec 2016
SupervisorsKirsten Bregn