I want my banana!

Sergejs Asilgarajevs, Lea Vyff Blauenfeldt, Ben Friedrich Bosse & Ida Haubart Lund-Larsen

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


Our project examines Fairtrade and its impact on producers and consumers. Moreover, we have chosen to investigate the case of banana trade between Ecuador and the EU in order to gain perspective on how the fairtrade banana global value chain is constructed. Through GVC theory we come to understand how governance drive different nodes within the chain and how these mechanisms ultimately result in exclusionary dynamics between the producers of bananas and the rest of the value chain’s actors. In accordance with GVC theory we utilize the consumer perspective through consumer theory to gain insight as to how they view and regard Fairtrade. Together these two approaches help situate Fairtrade in a broader context, shedding light on their actual impact on global banana trade.

EducationsInternational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date25 May 2016
Number of pages64
SupervisorsJohanna Hood