The relation between roleplayer and character: On the basis of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition charactersheet

Jakob Ekdahl Holme Frejslev, Mira-Louise Lyster Laustsen, Melissa Hallenslev Larsen, Valbona Sinani & Rebecca Veggerby

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This bachelor thesis operates within the universe of Dungeons and Dragons, by researching roleplayers and the characters created within this roleplaying game. The problem we wanted to understand was the following; ‘how is the relation between roleplayer and character, and how can this relation be investigated?’. To answer this question we first had to get a general understanding of what Dungeons and Dragons is, how characters are created, and how it is played. To understand the different realities of roleplayers and their characters, we included the scientific theory social constructivism. Through the use of this theory, we were able to view and draw parallels through the constructed realities of our informants and their characters.
By creating a mix of semi-structured interviews and Jacob Moreno’s theory psychodrama, we were able to research the relation between the roleplayer and their character, and thereby conclude whether or not, their relationship is fulfilled - calling this mix of methods The Psychodramatic Semi-structured Interview Method. By using this type of methodology, we were able to conclude that the relationship to the character is not complicated, if the character is spontaneous in its responses, regardless of whom is roleplaying.
We found it essential to analyze the technology Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition character sheet, by which we used the rules of play by Salen and Zimmerman. With their theory it was possible for us to discuss whether or not the roleplayers relation to its character, was affected by this sheet. We were able to conclude that the sheet did not have a negative effect on the relation between the roleplayer and their character.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date27 May 2019
Number of pages73
SupervisorsInger Louise Berling Hyams & Tina-Henriette Kristiansen