Refugees' feeling of home in Denmark

Laura Perregård Larsen, Inese Buike, Susana Arce, Arusa Choughti & Christine Bonde

Student thesis: Termpaper


The purpose of the present project is to explore refugees´ constructions and experiences of home in Denmark. Through a focus on objects and places and the sensory reactions generated upon these, we wish to reveal our interlocutors’ feelings of home. The project is based on a conduction of empirical data with five male refugees who have received residence permission in Denmark. The refugees´ experiences of home are investigated using a phenomenological approach. The project presents the refugees’ experience of home in Denmark. The empirical data has generated three theoretical concepts, which have served as important tools in understanding the refugees´ feeling of home: objects, places and sensation. Our empirical data has been analysed using these three theoretical concepts. Thereupon the analysis contains the investigation of the three categories; objects, places and sensations, expressed in the refugees´ everyday life. It is concluded in the project that the feeling of home is mobile and dynamic and not static. Even though the refugees identify their place of origin (Syria, Afghanistan and Iran) as their real home, they are not inclined to return back there under the conditions of war, since the notion of home (in these countries) paradoxically is connected with the concept of unsafety.

EducationsCultural Encounter, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date23 May 2016
SupervisorsChristian Groes-Green


  • sensations
  • objects
  • Refugees
  • place
  • field work
  • Home