Redesign af Røde Kors butikken Munufeas visuelle identitet

Nicoline-Simone Opstrup Vedel, Andreas Erboe Vestergaard, Anne Helene Larsen, Mette Lund Kjærgaard & Christiane Spangsberg

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper examines how to construct a visual identity for the second hand shop Munufea, focusing on redesigning the logo, the facade as well as the interior of the shop. In this effort we have used the theory of science critical realism and semiotics in order to get a greater understanding of the elements we cannot observe. In this paper we have defined the shop’s problems and needs by conducting an interview with the manager, which include being anonymous, not attracting the desired target audience and not having a coherent visual identity. To get inspiration and further knowledge on second hand shops we have worked with design methods for developing a visual identity, ethnographic research of second hand shops in Copenhagen, and theory of shapes. This was supplemented by a study of theories and research on today’s consumer and an examination of the guidelines that Red Cross second hand shops have to follow. All this resulted in a catalogue of ideas for redesigning the visual identity of Munufea. The paper concludes that Munufea must focus on expressing their values through their visual identity, try to become more unique but still show they are a part of the Red Cross, and enhance the social elements of the shop.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date25 Jun 2013
SupervisorsKarin Dam Nordlund


  • Redesign
  • Visuel identitet