Re-design af Poul Pavas hjemmeside

Mark Laursen, Mikkel Jensen & Katrine Thisted

Student thesis: Termpaper


Abstract Throughout the past couple of decades, the internet has gained a lot of popularity with the average person. This means that companies and brand names need to be able to communicate via the internet. In this document, we will look into what visual communication means for a brand and how it successfully can be used to capture peoples interest in a website, and communicate its content. The document will be based on a case-study of the Danish artist Poul Pava. We will analyze Poul Pava's unique style through brand analysis and use methods of visual communication analysis to understand his current website. Second to that, we will, through principles of design, determent how the user will respond to various elements on the site, and argue what this means for a possible re-design. After learning that Poul Pava's current website does not communicate key elements of his brand and that certain elements, on the website, conflicts with principles of design, we will then used this to re-design his website. The re-design will then be presented and analyzed, on which findings we will evaluate and discus the result, along with a discussion on the problematics of working with aesthetics in a academic setting.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date10 Jun 2013
SupervisorsCarsten Tage Nielsen


  • ├Žstetik
  • Poul Pava
  • hjemmeside
  • re-design
  • funktionalitet