Pyridin og iod: Pyridine and Iodine

Nina Falk Gregersen, Iben Dehn Sørensen, Jonatan Køhler, Mikkel Gøbel Nielsen & Mikkel Lilbæk

Student thesis: Termpaper


It was recently shown that pyridine and iodine forms N-iodopyridinium cation and polyiodide anion in the solvent Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) (Karlsen & Spanget-Larsen, 2009). The formation of ions is unexpected, because LDPE is a non-polar medium. The reaction was found to be more efficient in stretched LDPE. In this project we investigate the reaction in stretched LDPE, with the purpose of determining the average molar mass of the formed polyiodides, and thereby the average length of these. This is done through systematic weighing of the LDPE sample during the reaction period. Furthermore, an IR-spectrum is recorded approximately every hour, and thereby we are able to follow the progress of the reaction. The result of the investigation is that the average lengths of the polyiodides are 3 iodineatoms, which is equal to triiodide. This result speaks against previous assumptions that the polyiodide chains would be longer than triiodide.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Natural Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date28 May 2010
SupervisorsJens Spanget-Larsen


  • Densitet
  • Amorft
  • N-Iodopyridinium
  • Iondannelse
  • NATbas
  • IR
  • Krystallinske
  • Dipolmoment
  • Infrarød
  • Pyridin
  • LDPE
  • Upolært
  • 2. semester
  • Kemi
  • Absorptionskoefficient
  • Halogenbindinger
  • Spektroskopi
  • Polyiodider
  • Iod
  • Polyethylen