Public Service: Public Broadcasting

Amanda Schmidt Hansen, Mathilde Høi Justesen, Amanda Schmidt Hansen, Rikke Nielsen, Stine Delfs Krarup Møller Larsen & Aske Keldborg Elm

Student thesis: Termpaper


The main theme of this paper is inspired by a curiosity about what public broadcasting contributes with in the Danish society. The first and biggest public broadcasting channel in Denmark is Danish Broadcasting Corporation, also known in the common Danish language as DR. Since the establish-ment of DR, several different broadcasting channels have emerged which has brought competition to the Danish broadcasting society and ruined DR’s monopoly. Especially the channel TV2, estab-lished in 1973, has become DR’s rival, since they have managed to bring a new feel to broadcasting yet still meet the requirements of public service. One of our main focuses is to investigate how this competition has an impact on how DR executes public service, what challenges they face and if and how they try to reinvent themselves. Throughout this paper, our goal is to answer these questions: What is DR able to contribute with as a public broadcasting station compared to other Danish channels? Which new directions should DR go to accommodate the younger generations needs and to survive in a world with so much competition? When deciding on how to examine this, we needed to use the younger generations perspective on this matter since they are the future and DRs survival is dependent on their approval. Through a focus group’s expectations of the two tv-channels, compared with their observations and opinions about it after seeing two specifically chosen clips, we get a good idea about what role DR and pub-lic service plays in the Danish society, plus which aspects they do not fulfill. In the light of these results, we get an idea to how DR could and should reinvent itself.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date28 May 2015
SupervisorsAmanda Schmidt Hansen


  • Public service, public broadcasting, DR, Danmarks Radio, TV2, Stig Hjarvard, Bente Halkier, Michael Goffman, focus groups