Psykopati & tvangsbehandling - af kriminelle psykopater

El Hamoumi, Sarah Theresa Stjernholk, Freya Cæcilia Jensen Asbjerg, Amalie Mathiasen Gaard, Valeriya Sapunova, Lea Maria Lindhardt & Julie Frandsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


The research paper ”Psykopati & tvangsbehandling - af kriminelle psykopater”, investigates the different moral dilemmas occurring when working with normative ethical issues. The ethical issue in question is, in the following paper, that of compulsory treatment of criminal psychopaths. The paper will look further into the different morally relevant factors that need to be taken into account, when trying to determine an action as morally right or wrong, at a normative level. In the following paper we therefore wish to examine the moral implications of compulsory treatment in order to reach a conclusion of our problem statement. To do this, we have drafted four arguments, the first of which is aimed to show how compulsory treatment of criminal psychopaths can be morally defended and the remaining three works as counter-arguments against this first argument. The counter-arguments presented in our paper are regarding the notion of integrity, autonomy and freedom. The scientific methodology of the paper is based on the article of Nils Holtug regarding political philosophy, which will be used in order to analyse and discuss the different arguments presented in the paper. With the argument analysis we seek to create justifications and coherence in the different moral views of the arguments. In Nils Holtugs article about political philosophy we are presented with different terms that all play a role when analysing moral issues at a normative level. It is these terms we proceed to take into use when we analyse and discuss the field of research in the paper. In Holtugs theoretical work we see how a balance between the four different elements that constitutes political philosophy is important in order to give an answer to moral relevant issues in a normative perspective. The results of our analysis of the different arguments show that different philosophical theories present contradictory views regarding the moral issues of compulsory treatment. The different theories presented in the four arguments suggest that the good outcomes of the compulsory treatment, in most cases, overrules the bad. In conclusion the paper suggests that compulsory treatment of criminal psychopaths can be seen as morally justifiable

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 Dec 2015
SupervisorsRune Klingenberg Hansen


  • Frihed
  • Psykopati
  • Integritet
  • Tvangsbehandling
  • Autonomi