Produktivitetskommissionens slutrapport - den handler om velstand og velfærd ... og nyliberalisme?

Rikke Høj & Signe Werum Nilsson

Student thesis: Termpaper


Abstract This project deals with the Danish Productivity Commission’s final report, with a view to examine to what extent this can be seen as a concrete expression of a neo-liberal developments in the Danish society. The project theoretical basis is neo-liberalism, as a concept and its development. In terms of method, document analysis is used as an approach as it is the Commission's final report, which is autonomous in relation to the investigation. The project ends out to conclude that the Productivity Commission's final report can be seen as an expression of the neo-liberal developments in the Danish society. This trend is reflected in the Commission's recommendations for what the state's role is, and should be, and how the public sector should be reformed is characterized by neo-liberal thought, especially Ordoliberalism. In addition comes the development reflected in the Commission's view of human nature, which is characterized by the Chicago school of human nature in neo-liberal thought.

EducationsAdministration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date26 May 2014
SupervisorsPeter Nielsen


  • Nyliberalisme
  • Produktivitetskommissionen