Potential of The Coffee Collective as a divergent change agent: An Ethnography of the institutional environment and Direct Trade in Colombia

Lida Sofia Mannonen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This study is an ethnographic research focusing on studying local institutional environment in Colombian coffee producing regions visited during a field work of this study. The research takes its inspiration from the coffee trade’s challenges, and specialty coffee roaster’s like The Coffee Collective’s actions to change the problematic market. The prevailing institutions within the local context are seen to have a great impact on the succeeding of the actions of changing the market. Therefore, the institutional environment of Colombia is studied, and its impact on change creation analyzed. Furthermore, the theory of institutional entrepreneurship is utilized in the analysis of The Coffee Collective potential to break, change and create new institutions. The primary data of this research is my field notes from field work in Colombia. Several stakeholders within the trade between The Coffee Collective and the producers have been interviewed, and observed. The main method utilized is participant observations, accompanied with qualitative interviews. The findings of this research contribute to the future development of better coffee trade between TCC , exporter company Caravela and the coffee producers. The findings are a mixture of knowledge and suggestions in the areas on awareness, communication and transparency. The research draws a connection to social entrepreneurship, as The Coffee Collective is seen from the perspective of a socially responsible business.

EducationsSocial Entrepreneurship and Management, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2018
SupervisorsLisa Maurer Chodorkoff


  • Direct Trade, Institutional entrepreneurship, specialty coffee, coffee market, The Coffee Collective, institutions theory