PayPal in a customer driven world - Application of Agile

Zita Judit Anderka & Laura Simonfalvi

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


Our project is centered around the changes in the business environment, and how
these contemporary challenges can be handled by the organizations to stay in
competition. Merholz et al.(2008) has inspired this project by his idea of a better
customer orientation, which he claims the key of success in the 21st century.
Therefore we draw on the theory of the new lightweight methodologies, namely
Agile, being latent in the literature of Agile Manifesto, which supports companies to
be customer and innovation oriented. Within the project we use deductive research
strategy, meaning that we draw on the theory and utilize that knowledge on a
specific case, which is the case of PayPal transformation. We use interpretivist and
constructivist tradition in how we approach to this new methodology, and its
application. We do that by not only trying to understand this new mainstream project
management style but also to interpret its relevance within the new contemporary
business environment, and how it changes, constructs the life of an organization.
After analyzing the main organizational competencies, discussed by Merholz et al.
(2008), that strives companies to success, we move on to discuss the constraints of
Agile. Based on the research it is possible to conclude that Agile methodologies can
be a tool for businesses to face and adapt to the new challenges, however in not
every industry, not in every business scenario.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date24 May 2016
Number of pages54


  • Agile
  • light methodologies
  • customer satisfaction
  • product development
  • PayPal