Olga Ravn a cross-medial analysis

Sarah Johanna Mortensen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


The objective of this paper is to examine the cross-medial expression of the Danish author Olga Ravn. We found that Ravn is a micro celebrity, and that she has a close connection to her followers on Instagram.
Her book is a result of a collaboration between Ravn and the Danish artist Lea Gulditte Hestelund. The book was analysed with the thoughts and the theory of structuralist and queer theorist Judith Butler. We found that the book challenges normatives about gender and gender roles. Feminism is also detected on the social media accounts of Ravn, but her Instagram profile is more moderate and mainly revolves around motherhood and pregnancy. Motherhood is also an central part of the book, and oral fixations are expressions of this.
We used feminist theory to uncover the environment described in the book. We found that the characters of the book were subjected to categories, which divided the characters in to groups of a social hierarchy. This led us to the conclusion that the book could be read as an reflection of our own society.
We found that the cross-medial expression of the author is not in fact one harmonious picture, but that the author Olga Ravn uses the different media platforms in very different ways. Her book is filled with social criticism and wild depictions of a society falling apart, while her social media accounts are rather generic and ordinary.

EducationsDanish, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date29 Dec 2019
SupervisorsKatrine Sommer Boysen