Oceans as a renewable source of energy

Alexandra Constantinescu, Laura Emilie Schmidt & Giuseppe Cascio

Student thesis: Termpaper


The goal of this paper is to find a sustainable water powered technology that could be used in a Danish context. This means that in this paper we will be working with the physics of waves and currents, we are also going to work with Brundtland’s sustainability theory and make our own criteria based on it. In this paper we are also analysing four applications, Wavestar, Floating Power Plant, Atlantis and Minesto, that use wave and current technology. The analysis are based on the criteria and sub questions that have been made in order to answer out problem formulation. The analysis are split up in 3 parts economics, environmental and social, in all three parts the application were analysed in relation to the formulated criteria, and the best wave technology and the best current technology was found in each category. In all these three categories it was Atlantis and Floating Power Plant that were the best and therefore proved to be sustainable in Denmark. Atlantis is a current based underwater windmill that would be placed between the islands in the south east of Denmark. Floating Power Plant has floaters that move up and down with the waves thereby creating energy that can be converted to power, it also has windmills on top but the version that can be placed in Denmark hasn't, it would be placed on the western coast of Denmark.

EducationsBasic - International Bachelor Study Program in Natural Sciences, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date19 Dec 2017
Number of pages44
SupervisorsRikke Lybæk