Norge uden for EU: Norway outside the EU

Daniel Sch√łnnemann Christiansen, Sebastian Dormehl & Cecilie Kamilla Alfheim

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper sets out to summarize, analyze and interpret the reasons behind the lacking membership of Norway, in the European Union. Based on neo-realistic theory we will analyse the decisions made by Norway throughout the two norwegian referendums, as well as their stance on the former European Economic Community up through the creation of the European Union. Throughout this paper, we will look at economic and security policies that govern Norway. Furthermore we wish to compare the elections of 1972 and 1994, due to the fact that they had similar yet different situational occurrences affect them. Between 1972 and 1994, the European Community has evolved to become a political organism, instead of the ordinary trades union it was in 1972. Given the nature of the decision of being outside the European Union being in the hands of the people, the elections in question were central to the decision. Furthermore we will make a statement on the historical context of the evolution of the European Union, to further create an understanding for the political bodies interests as well as its methods.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date11 Jan 2016
SupervisorsCarina Saxlund Bischoff


  • EU
  • Norway