Neoliberalism: The New Feminist Challenge

Sofia Torrado Bogantes & Sacha Melanie Plougholt Andersen

Student thesis: Basic Project


We have been witnesses to an increase of attention towards the feminist spectrum, making it possible to notice its escalating presence in media, political agendas, and social debates. Therefore, this research comprehends a study concerning the feminist movement in Western countries and its hypothetical Capitalization. The intention is to prove that the Fourth Feminist Wave (also seen as the one happening within the last decade), and consequently the feminist principles, are affected by its Capitalization. Neoliberalism theory has been the main tool to engage with this field, as we view Capitalization as a neoliberal feature. Moreover, two different conceptualizations of feminism have been used, along with the concepts of Commodity Feminism and Femvertising, which treats the issues of commercializing with feminist principles.
This research has been viewed from a sociological and economic approach, combined to create an interdisciplinary project.

EducationsBasic - International Bachelor Study Program in Social Sciences, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date16 Dec 2019
Number of pages50
SupervisorsJuan Carlos Finck Carrales