The Navigation game - An interactive installation build on historical data from 1917

Amanda Tandrup, Maria Louise Reitzel, Louise Marie Mikkelsen & Helene Andersen

Student thesis: Bachelor project


In this project, we have designed a prototype of an interactive installation in collaboration with the Maritime Museum of Denmark, which could potentially be put on display at the museum in the future. Throughout this project, we have examined how we could design a navigational game as an interactive design that communicates historic data. To examine this, we have used a hermeneutic approach, which will be made clear through our use of Scrum as a design development process. We will be using our pre-understanding as our approach for designing our product whilst using Scrum as a method. Our pre-understanding of the product has changed as we have tested our prototypes throughout the project. During the process, we have used Gamestorming for organizational purpose. We have also used Design-based Research and participant observations for our development and testing of prototypes during our Sprints. As we decided on creating an interactive game, we have also described interactive design and gaming as theories. As a result of our work we have created a prototype of a navigational game and a design proposition for the installation, whose focus is to communicate historical data about Danish merchant ships during 1917 through the Northern Sea.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Humanistisk-Technology, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date1 Jun 2017
Number of pages55
SupervisorsThomas Theis Nielsen