Navigating the security-development nexus: an autoethnographic approach

Susanne Niebuhr

Student thesis: Termpaper


The purpose of this research is to give insights to the security-development nexus from an autoethnographic perspective. It is thus empirically based on my own experiences as a Civil Military Cooperation Officer in Helmand, Afghanistan 2008-2009, and it aims to reveal how the security-development nexus plays out on the ground. Accordingly, it will look into the challenges and tensions between security and development while answering the following problem formulation: How do soldiers who are involved and emplaced in the security-development nexus experience and deal with the tensions inherent between security and development? It reaches the conclusion that there is a necessity for the security of both developer and developee in order to create conditions for development. In addition, it reveals that security plays out differently in time and space in the warscape in Helmand and moreover; it reveals how multiple development tasks are carried out by security forces in the Danish comprehensive approach, lastly pointing to the challenges of translating development policies into tactical terms.

EducationsInternational Development Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date20 Jun 2013
SupervisorsTobias Hagmann


  • Security-development nexus
  • Afghanistan
  • autoethnography