Nødhjælp - En Moralsk Forpligtelse?

Stine Kjær Bahnsen, Tor Mikkelsen & Pernille Schmidt Hansen

Student thesis: Termpaper


The purpose of this project is to gain knowledge about our moral obligations towards global poverty relief. Our puzzlement is grounded in the paradox of the way in which we have a feeling of morally commitment in general to help people in need, if we are able to do so, when at the same time acknowledging the fact, that we are indeed able to help poor people in underdeveloped countries through economic contributions to NGO’s, we accept the act of not doing so. This paper is thus concerned with the arguments of not donating to NGO’s and thereby neglecting to help people in great need. The arguments will be discussed in relation to their opponent arguments, and by that, we increase our knowledge of the paradox, which will enable us to partake a considered view in the discussions about moral obligations concerning the poor living conditions that exists throughout world.

EducationsPhilosophy and Science Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date21 Dec 2010
SupervisorsThomas Søbirk Petersen


  • Peter Singer
  • nødhjælp
  • argumentationsanalyse