Museumsformidling - Gråzonen mellem faglighed og underholdning

Karl Emil Hillbrandt, Kia Bangsholt Hansen, Wang Tah Mak & Mie Fogh Hansen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This paper seeks to unravel the challenges that museums face in their communication with their consumers. In particular the balancing of issues concerning entertainment and professionalism will be analysed. The research conducted for this paper primarily consists of field work in two museums located in Denmark: Nationalmuseet and Danmarks Borgcenter. The focus of our research has been on museum exhibitions dealing with the Middle Ages. The layout, narrative and intended audience within these exhibitions have been thoroughly examined. Furthermore, interviews with influential employees within each museum have been conducted in order to supplement our findings, especially in terms of these museums’ roles in society as well as marketing. Literature in the fields of museology and history have also been included in order to enable us to achieve a greater understanding of museums. We have, through the conducted research, concluded that the two museums have substantially different approaches to entertainment and professionalism: Danmarks Borgcenter has a pragmatic approach in which historical relevance, context and entertainment through narratives is highly regarded, while Nationalmuseet utilises a more traditional approach wherein detailed and systematic descriptions of each individual object is valued above context and relevance to the present.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date20 May 2015
SupervisorsMia Münster-Swendsen


  • Nationalmuseet
  • Danmarks Borgcenter
  • museumsformidling
  • Ole Strandgaard
  • historieformidling