Multiculturalism in Danish and Swedish Integration Policies

Julie Grønborg Franck, Chiara Siobhan Bosboom & Søren Kristoffer Koch Lund-Hansen

Student thesis: Termpaper


Over the past decade, migration and integration have been high on the list of public and political debate. A slight change from focus on the labour market participation onto the political and social life has occurred in both Sweden and Denmark, leading up to new policies and legislations that are addressed to newly arrived immigrants. Sweden and Denmark are very similar in political and welfare structure, however there are considerable differences when it comes to their integration policies. Sweden has been known to have a very open and multicultural policy, whereas Denmark has a more closed and restrictive policy that is aimed to prevent further immigration. This project aims to explore the differences between the policies of both Denmark and Sweden, and if so, is there then any effect on multiculturalism. The analysis of this project is split up in two main areas. In the first part of the analysis the differences and comparison between the integration policies of Denmark and Sweden will be made clear. This is done by using the MIPEX study on both countries, compare these outcomes and align the actual integration policies to the different areas of research. The outcome of this first part will show exactly what the differences are, while giving an indication of how multiculturalist the policies are. The second part of the analysis will draw upon the first part, using the differences made clear in part one, to analyze how multiculturalist both countries are. The theory of Will Kymlicka on multiculturalist citizenship will be put into use to examine the policies on its multiculturalist factor. Furthermore will the research of SORA be used to analyze the different opinions about immigrants in both countries, in order to show multiculturalistic views in both societies. The outcome of the analysis shows that there is a big difference between Denmark and Sweden when it comes to their integration policies. Sweden has indeed a more multicultural policy and deals with multicultural citizenship, whereas Denmark is closed off and restricted. However the views of both societies on immigrants, thus the multiculturalistic views, are relatively the same. Altogether, this bachelor project draws the conclusion that even though the two nations are similar in welfare regimes, their integration policies and criteria for civil citizenship are very different. This does not change the view of the citizens of both nations, as it turns out that both nations have the same view when it comes to immigrants. This leads to believe that integration policies do not have an effect on multiculturalism as a whole.

EducationsGlobal Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date24 Jan 2013
SupervisorsBjørn Thomassen


  • Multiculturalism
  • Integration
  • Sweden
  • Immigration
  • Denmark
  • Attitudes