Mobiltelefonen som en del af hverdagslivet, i et samlevende parforhold

Amalie Kynde Sommer, Cecilie Dilling Schwarz Henriksen & Jeanette Stahl Schrøder

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project investigates how cell phone use influences the modern society and what opportu-nities and challenges there are in relation to the relationship and intimacy of daily life? The project has been influenced by the concept of phubbing and the perceived consequences of Phubbing has been a source of inspiration for the focus of the analysis. This is investigated from a critical psychology perspective with the inclusion of the theoretical work of Holzkamp’s concept of everyday living and Gidden’s separation of time of and space and the changing nature of intimacy.
In order to investigate this, the project includes a mixed-method approach comprised of a quan-titative survey and a qualitative series, of videologs with two couples where the pair are living together. The reasoning behind the mixed-method approach, is to get a broad understanding of the topic, by using a quantitative method and then get an understanding of the subjects’ firstperson experiences with the topic, by using the qualitative method. Therefore, the results of the survey is meant to be the foundation of the topics in the videologs. This allowed for a precision of the questions posed to the two couples in the videologs. The empirical data shows that the cell phone has become a large part of everyday life and that it provides a new way to be intimate with others by allowing the subject to be intimate in another way than before the use of cell phones which can lead to stratification and joy. However, it can also provide a distraction which can challenge the intimacy in the relationship because the cell phone can become prioritized and the partner might feel that the other part is not present in the relationship. It also shows that the effects of the cell phone is subjective and based on the individual perception of the use of cell phones in everyday life.

EducationsPsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date18 Dec 2017
Number of pages59
SupervisorsTine Jensen