Mobilization & Social Movements - A Case Study of ISIS and the Zapatistas and Their Strategies Towards Mobilization

Sophia Schatz, Maimouna Diarra & Amanda Thenning Kolding

Student thesis: Bachelor project



This project is an investigation of the social movements ISIS and Zapatistas, which both originate from the Global South. In this investigation, the focus is on mobilization strategies and how the groups frame themselves in order to achieve global support. Through discourse analysis of propaganda materials from both groups, it has been found that grievance is a tool utilized to make people participate in collective action. ISIS frame themselves as a religious based movement and legitimize violent actions through religious discourses. Zapatistas frame themselves as oppressed and utilize pacifism which result in positive feedback from the global civil society and global solidarity. On the other side, ISIS manage to make themselves relevant in a global context by being a threat to civil society.

EducationsBasic - International Bachelor Study Program in Social Sciences, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date2018
Number of pages515
SupervisorsSune Haugbølle


  • Social Movement
  • ISIS
  • Mobilization
  • Zapatistas
  • Collective Action
  • Political Process Theory