Mobiladfærd i den danske detailhandel - Et speciale om smartphones rolle i cross channel

Lasse Berg, Kristian Bjerregaard Hansen & Michelle Skovgaard

Student thesis: Master thesis


Cross channel interaction has become a must-have capability for the Danish retail industry due to a new group of empowered consumers, which expect a smooth interaction across retailer’s sales channels. In this regard the smartphone is seen as a sales channel, which can further integrate the in-line and on-line shopping channels. The cross channel development and the integration of the smartphone, does not seem to reflect the way Danish consumers expect to engage with the retailers nowadays. Our master thesis sets out to understand how consumers use their smartphones in the retail industry and how the industry can address this behaviour in their cross channel strategies. The analysis of the mobile consumer behaviour is based on three focus group interviews and a survey with more than 600 respondents. We identify six mobile shopping habits that explain why consumers adopt their smartphone as a part of their shopping behaviour. Based on the survey we can see that Danish consumers primarily use Google and the retailer’s own websites when engaging with retailers. Furthermore, our analysis shows that 50 per cent of the consumers already use their smartphone as a shopping tool. Due to this, there seems to be a great potential for retailers to engage their customers on smartphones. Based on the findings, we construct a model for how retailers can engage mobile consumers in a cross channel solution.

EducationsEconomics and Business Administration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date27 Sep 2013
SupervisorsJørgen Ravn Elkjær


  • Detailhandel
  • Smartphone
  • Luhmann
  • Cross channel