Mikkeller - The empty branding

Mads Tranekjær Andreasen, Jonas Peter Sonne, Morten Peter Bruun Thomsen & Pauline Samsøe

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


Mikkeller is a danish craft beer company who not only operate in Denmark, but they also work on an international level.
The purpose of this project is to give the reader an insight into how Mikkeller have won prizes for their beer and managed to expand their buisness to an international level however they are not in a positive financial situation.
The first thing is to get an understanding on how the market for craft beer is currently looking and the markets competitiveness, after this Mikkeller will be set into context of relevant marketing theories which will lead into an analysis on how Mikkellers branding and promotions have led Mikkeller into the financial situation there are in at the moment.
After the analysis the result will be put forward for discussion to see how the increased competition within the craft beer market can have an impact on Mikkeller and how it can impact the future growth of the company.
Lastly, this project will come to the conclusion that the negative growth is caused by not having any branding or marketing strategy. They are still using their old business ideas which are not having the most beneficial impact on the current market, this project will offer suggestions on what they can do to improve their future prospects and how they can improve their current financial status using new ideas.

EducationsBusiness Economics, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date16 Dec 2019
Number of pages66
SupervisorsNiels Nolsøe Grünbaum