Metformin as prevention against cancer

Cecilie Dyre Mortensen, Annmarie Løfgreen Heintz, Sif Baungaard, Susanna Selvarajah, Malene Marcussen, Joen Erik Olsen & Thomas Støvring Sørensen

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project discusses Metformin as prevention against cancer by targeting the mTOR pathway. We have established a research question, “Whether or not Metformin can decrease the development of cancer, and what is the most effective dose of Metformin for the treatment of pancreas cancer?”
In this study we present a clinical record which has the purpose of showing the decrease of pancreatic cancer.
We have based the project on theories and methods that are used in the mouse study.
In this project, we have analyzed four different figures, which contain several trials with transgenic mice P48Cre/+;LSL-KrasG12D/+ and Wild Type mice. They are analyzed on the weight of pancreas, proliferation of carcinoma and the amount of PanIN lesions in the first two figures. The two following figures we have analyzed show the expression of mRNA for proteins, which is a part of the mTOR pathway.
The project discusses the results and why the research of Metformin is a social problem.
The study concludes that Metformin decreases pancreatic cancer and shows which dose is the most effective. The decrease of cancer indicates that Metformin has a potential to be used in clinical trials for pancreas cancer chemoprevention.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Natural Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date20 Dec 2016
Number of pages26