With Bourdieu in the digital work field of cleaning - The consequenses of platform work from a platformworker perspective

Marie Ryttergaard Wermuth Jensen, Patrick Pascal Nygaard & Cecilie Henriette Brandt Andersen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis seeks to unravel the consequences that digital cleaning platforms, like Hilfr and Happy Helper, impose on their workers and how these manage to master working via the digital platforms. Thus we introduce Borudies theory of habitus, kapital and field along with a number of his methodological considerations in order to answer the research question. The project bases itself on both quantitative studies, of the workers profile texts and their hourly pay rates on Happy Helper, along with unstructured interviews with platform workers on both Happy Helper and Hilfr. By looking at the platform workers individual capitals and habitus, combined with the structures of the digital cleaning platform field (DRP felt in danish), we were able to ascertain how the workers placed themselves and acted within the field. We found the existence of primarily two kinds of doxa, namely the accumulation of economic capital and the competition amongst the workers, referring to the possibility of replacement. Furthermore, our findings indicate that the platform workers make use of their habitus and their cultural, social and economic capital, in order to adapt to the problematiques that arises and gain an advantage in the struggle for power amongst workers within the DRP field.

EducationsWorking Life Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date31 May 2019
Number of pages106
SupervisorsHenrik Lambrecht Lund