Mccarthyisme - en historiografi over Ellen W. Schreckers forfatterskab

Emil Klingberg-Nielsen, Søren Lund-Hansen, Signe Justesen, Signe Hybholt & Anders Johansen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project deals with the historiography of Ellen Schrecker, one of the most prominent researchers in the study of McCarthyism. Throughout this project we follow the development in her understanding of McCarthyism. Starting with her first historical articles and principal work ‘No Ivory Tower’, through the 90s including her other principal work ‘Many are the Crimes’, till her present historical articles on the subject. Thus, we look if whether the new evidences revealed after the East European archives have become accessible, has changed her view on McCarthyism and its impact on the American society. We do this through a study of Schrecker’s articles, books, and the relating book reviews. Through our exposition of her writing, set in a historical context, we can assign Schrecker’s literature to the revisionist tradition, developing towards the post-revisionist.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date18 Jun 2013
SupervisorsMichael Kjeldsen


  • Ellen W. Schrecker
  • Antikommunisme
  • den kolde krig
  • Mccarthyisme