Are the boys missing engagement in their Gymnasium education? - A social constructivsm, feministic psychodynamic and discourse analytic project with a starting point in Hiim and Hippe's relations model

Katrine Nygaard Jørgensen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


In Denmark it has become observable that the boys are falling behind in terms of both education level and grade average, compared to the girls. The aim of this project will therefor focus on whether or not the boys’ lower grade average can be attributed to a lack of engagement in classes. This will take it’s starting point in Hilde Hiim and Else Hippe’s didactical relation model, which influences the way that class is shaped, through 6 didactical elements. For this purpose Eva Magnusson and Jeanne Maraceks gender psychological approach, with special emphasize on social constructivism, feministic psychodynamics and discourse analysis, will be applied to analyze and discuss whether they have any influence on their engagement. This analysis and discussion will be made on the basis of both quantitative and qualitative empirically collected data comprising of questionnaires, observation notesand interviews. It is finally concluded that the boys are not unengaged, but that their focus of engagement lies outside the focus points, which the Gymnasium places emphasis on and the boys are therefore not able to achieve the same high grade averages as the girls get.

EducationsBiology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) GraduatePsychology, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date21 May 2017
Number of pages25
SupervisorsKarl-Henrik Jørgensen