Many men, many masculinities

Cecilie Lange Nielsen, Selina Holtegaard Zinckernagel, Cecilie Davidsen & Anna Christine Klein Lundstrøm

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This paper deals with masculinity and whether men from different educational backgrounds articulate and negotiate the term differently, which is discussed on the basis of four Danish advertisements. To examine this matter we completed two different focus group interviews - one with craftsmen and one with academics. Focus group interview was therefore our choice of method which we used to get a better understanding of the participants’ interpretation of masculinity and the dialogical processes which were negotiated amongst the participants in the different groups. Our chosen theories are Raewyn Connells theory on masculinity, Ernesto Laclau and Chantel Mouffes discourse analysis as well as positioning theory by Bronwyn Davies and Rom Harré. The combination of theories and choice of method has given us a greater possibility to derive whether men from different educational backgrounds have different understandings of masculinity. In our discussing analysis we put our gathered empirical data up against each other as well as our chosen theories to get a better understanding of the matter and to be able to clarify potential differences and similarities between the two groups. In addition to this we compared our empirical data with other scientific studies that focus on masculinity, as well as involve our own preconceptions on the term. Based on our discursive analysis we can conclude that one cannot talk about the existence of only one kind of masculinity. It is a term that should be talked about in plural. However, it may differ where and how men practice these masculinities.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date2019
Number of pages78
SupervisorsClaus Munch