Lokalplan 612 - Interesser og Konflikter

Rasmus Pallisgaard Andersen & Dan Allan Nielsen

Student thesis: Master thesis


This thesis is about, how a communicative strategy can make a climate adaption plan happen. Through Bent Flyvbjerg’s approach to the case study, we will analyze on the communicative problems in the local area of Jyllinge Nordmark. The case is about the struggle on how the right to private property is threatened by a public path system, which politically has to function as an alibi for the climate plans. This becomes the battle for the right to climate adaption, as reverse opinions can delay the planning process timewise. By use of David Harvey’s ‘The Right to the City’ and Patsy Healey’s ‘Planning Through Debate’ we will fold out the problems in the planning process in the area, and give possible solutions to how future dialog should be facilitated, so as the planning can be successful. We found that in order to make the climate adaption happen in time, the citizens must find a common platform, thus facilitating possibilities for compromise.

EducationsPlanning Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date15 Feb 2016
SupervisorsJohn Andersen


  • Jyllinge
  • Planlægning
  • Healey
  • Lokalplan
  • Klimasikring
  • Nordmark
  • Case
  • Interesser
  • Flyvbjerg
  • Harvey
  • David
  • Patsy
  • Konflikter
  • Kommunikation