'Lighed i sundhed' - vejen til bedre integration af kontanthjælpsmodtagerne?

Trine Møller & Annemari Fagerlund

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


Abstract The source of this project stems from the Department of Health’s project Equality in Health Care, which is our primary interest. ‘Equality in Health Care’ is a method development project, which seeks ‘To strengthen socially exposed persons and enable them to actively influence their own health for the better’. Our project is thus an examination of whether social integration results from holding individual welfare recipients responsible for maintaining their own wellness, or whether maintaining physical health and well-being should be a personal choice left up to the individual recipient of any state sponsored economic support. We have examined the issue through interviews with the model municipalities for the project ‘Equality in Health Care’ together with the Department of Health. Besides these interviews we make use of solidarity theories developed by Jodi Dean and Alan Wolfe together with thoughts and ideas on solidarity and social cohesion posed by Søren Juul and Lars Olsen. Through analysis of answers obtained in the interview, and of theories mentioned above, we have come to the conclusion, that ‘Equality in health’ may function well as an obligatory incentive, but only if the state recognizes all recipients as autonomous individual beneficiaries, which includes the acknowledgement of each individual’s unique rights and needs. Idealistically, an interaction between each citizen, the communities and the authorities would create better integration of the Welfare Recipient, but it would be extremely difficult in practice. In conclusion, we believe that ‘Equality in Health Care’ could be achieved better if efforts were developed and targeted for each separate group (for example the Welfare Recipients) rather than being part of overall politically defined goals.

EducationsAdministration, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date18 Dec 2008


  • Lighed i sundhed
  • 'Lighed i sundhed'
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