Language use in Pro-Anorectic web communities

Tim Kistrup Larsen, Sidsel Ravn, Inda Memic & Maja Bogø Jensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This study treats how online pro-anorectic communities use language to position themselves and fortify their own position in relation to the surrounding society. We have chosen to work with data from the webpage Out theory consists of Norman Fairclough’s model for Critical Discourse Analysis, Dick Hebdige’s theory on subculture and Social Identity Theory. These theories are accounted for, and next we apply Fairclough’s model for Critical Discourse Analysis to our selected data from the webpage This results in a discussion of the results of our analysis in relation to the theory on subculture and social identity, and lastly a conclusion on how the online pro-anorectic community in question uses language to enhance their social identity, and how this language use makes features of subculture apparent.

EducationsEnglish, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Undergraduate or graduate
Publication date15 Jun 2010


  • critical disource analysis
  • anorectia
  • subculture