Landbrugspakken - A study of a political process, that overthrew a minister

Marie Hohnen, Anne-Marie Dynes Møller & Thea Deleuran Müller

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This project seeks to examine the policy process behind the adoption of an agricultural legislation in Denmark, better known as the “landbrugspakke”. The process behind the new legislation resulted in the dismissal of the minister of Environment and Food, Eva Kjer Hansen. The new legislation allows the agricultural industry to fertilize 20 % more compared to previous standards. Based on these new standards, the project examines the legislation's potential impact on the water environment and the groundwater in Denmark.

The policy process behind the preparation of the agricultural legislation has been affected by a close cooperation between Eva Kjer Hansen and various stakeholders from the agricultural industry. Furthermore, the minister has been accused for misleading the Danish parliament with incorrect calculations of the environmental impact of a greater leach of nitrogen - Calculations that do not correspond with the results calculated by scientists in the preparation of the new legislation. The political opposition and the Conservative Party, who usually support the government, accused Eva Kjer Hansen for not adhering her ministerial responsibility.

The project concludes that the greater leach of nitrogen will be damaging for the water environment. Therefore it can be said, that the former minister Eva Kjer Hansen misleads the parliament with doubtful calculations. The misleading numbers and the long process of denial were contrary to her responsibilities as minister. It led to a vote of censure and Eva Kjer Hansen’s dismissal as minister.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Program in Social Science, (Bachelor Programme) Bachelor
Publication date24 May 2016
Number of pages60
SupervisorsNiels H. Jensen