Lærerens rolle i dag - implementering af Program for læringsledelse

Cecilie Dilling Schwarz Henriksen, Maja Bundsgaard Johansen, Mads Ulrich & Jeannie Jensen

Student thesis: Master programme paper


In recent years schools in Denmark have begun using a data analytical and evidence based approach in order to optimize the test results of the students between ages 6 to 16.
This project investigates how teachers in Folkeskolen in Denmark in the municipality of Roskilde are affected by the implementation of Program for læringsledelse (Program for teaching management).
Based on the theories of P. Bourdieu, N. Luhmann, G.J.J. Biesta, O.K Pedersen, B.D. Mårtensson and L.S. Vygotsky, we have sought to investigate how the teachers are influenced and affected by the structures imposed upon them by the Danish Government. Spplying data analysis and evidence based studies should, according to the programme, help the teachers, access information on the students’ individual improvements.
We sent out an online based survey to 235 teachers in Roskilde, asking them to describe their experiences with the implementation of the Program for læringsledelse. And if affected the outer expectations on them as teachers. After thoroughly going through their answers and also looking into academically based journals based on the subject, we were able to conclude that the Programme so far had had a negative effect on how the teachers in Roskilde were able to structure their time during the day, due to expectations the management and Government laid upon them. Even though the teachers were challenged in finding new ways to teach and structure their workload, it had no effect on how the teachers reflected upon themselves and their individual task on educating.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date21 Dec 2016
Number of pages63
SupervisorsStig Skov Mortensen


  • Data analysis
  • Implementation of Program for læringsledelse
  • Teacher roles today