Female and male genitals - taboo within language

Andreas Sheridan, Anna Sonja Bruhn, Anna Katrine Thomsen, Asta Alvilde Suneson Aaboer & Ida Marie Heuser

Student thesis: Subject Module Project


This project strives to investigate certain taboo domains within the Danish language, specifically those regarding the articulation of human genitals.

By analyzing empirically collected data, the project identifies different perceptions of the pragmatic semantics that are connected to specific words for genitals. The theoretically grounded analysis of these percepted taboos helps clarify how taboos are anchored within a language. The project further discusses these divergent understanding of certain words and they’re constituent ability for the development of a given language. The project seeks to portray the understandings of the human genitals in Danish culture.
The project ultemately concludes that within the articulation of human genitals different kind of taboos exist, but that these taboos alternate is constructed through the language. Furthermore the project argues that users of a language has a constituent ability to construct and continue the existence of taboos which they live by. This project can be read as a guide for how and when to use the different expressions for genitals in the Danish language.

EducationsDanish, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date26 May 2019
Number of pages73
SupervisorsCarsten Levisen