Kunst og selvrealisering: Art and self realization

Luna Valgaard Jørgensen, Amalie Sletting Thykier, Nina Rosentoft Christensen, Christoffer Steensen Møller, Marie Louise Lund Jensen & Anna Sophie Valentin Sørensen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This study aims to explore the development of the self through the creative act of producing visual art. The concept of creativity is described through the theories of existential psychologist Rollo May, as a process that consists of the artist’s encounter with his surroundings. Alongside Rollo May the theories of humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow is included in order to contribute to the the project a theory about the self-actualized human being and its characteristics which includes peak-experiences. The theories of May and Maslow are exemplified through the analysis of a semistructured interview, which we have conducted with a focus on the lifeworld of a subject and his descriptions of creative expression. It is found in this study that a development of the self through creativity is dependent on the subject’s attitude toward the creative process. A comparison of the elements within creativity and self-development concludes how surpluses and deficits are essential in making self-development through creativity possible. It is found that the individual is able to achieve self-development through the creative act of producing visual arts, but the theories differ when it comes to whether self-development is a prerequisite for creativity, or creativity is a prerequisite for self-development.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date18 May 2015
SupervisorsBjarne Sode Funch


  • Maslow
  • May
  • kreativitet
  • selvudvikling
  • selvrealisering
  • kunst