The body and mind in the litterature

Emma Let Haugaard, Rikke Søndergaard Jessen, Stine Grandt, Nanna Dandanell Møller & Mia Dyrum Hansen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


This project is based on a practical experience of teaching a Danish upper secondary class over the course of three days. In this project we investigate how the body and mind is represented throughout Danish literature. This will be done by analyzing four Danish texts from different periods of time in Danish history, stretching from 1681 to 2014. Furthermore, this project will investigate how to teach and educate Danish upper secondary pupils about this particular subject. To answer this, we will incorporate methods and theoretical considerations within the field of didactic. The chosen texts are the following: “Angst” by Tom Kristensen, Kasper Spez’ adaption “Angst”, “Som englene flyver” by Naja Marie Aidt and “Sorrig og Glæde de vandre tilhaabe” by Thomas Kingo. To broaden our investigation, and to add a Scandinavian perspective, we will also include an analysis of a Swedish poem, “Ångest, ångest är min arvedel” by Pär Lagerkvist and a Norwegian article, “Ulrikke Falch i Debatten: - Kropp er ikke kropp” by Oda R. Ertesvåg.
By analyzing the texts and by teaching a class this study concludes that the body and mind are represented throughout our texts, but in different ways also influenced by the historic period in which a text is written. In addition to this it is relevant to emphasize that the two matters are difficult to separate. Furthermore, this study concludes that in the planning of a teaching lesson you should take the following into consideration: The students existing knowledge, academic level and activities that will keep the students attention and retain their focus.

EducationsDanish, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date2 Jan 2020
Number of pages71
SupervisorsAnne Marie Heltoft