Kristendommen i Danmark - en undersøgelse af tre præster i den danske folkekirkes forventninger til kristen tro og praksis

Mie Kristensen, Anne Sophie Kristensen, Mette Colding-Olsen & Anna Sima Thomsen

Student thesis: Termpaper


This project examines the expectations of different priests in the Evangelic-Lutheran Church of Denmark to the Christian dane and how these expectations differ from what they meet on an everyday basis. It also examines the priests’ views on whether or not the Church should adapt to society. Through interviews with three priests in the national church and with Cecilie Rubow’s theory on the national church and the different positions priests can occupy, this project will attempt to clarify this topic. It makes use of theory on secularism and Pierre Bourdieu’s concept of the field and analyzes on said interviews and the priests’ views on secularism, the Christian community, and how the modern edition of the Bible, Den Nye Aftale, expresses Christianity and the values presented by the Church of Denmark. The project also analyzes the interviewed priests’ roles, both in regards to the interpretation of religion and which of Rubow’s stereotypical roles they posses - if any. The project discusses if Den Nye Aftale is a suitable addition to the authorized version of the Bible, and how the priests address the expectations Den Nye Aftale and its publisher have to the reader. It concludes that the interviewed priests expect a certain amount of commitment from the average Christian in Denmark, and that the church remains sacred. The priest disagreed on whether or not the Church should adapt fully to modern society and not change the kind of structure of society, we are used to.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date26 May 2016


  • præst
  • Den Nye Aftale
  • biskop
  • rubow
  • sekularisme
  • bourdieu
  • iversen
  • kristendom
  • den danske folkekirke
  • indre mission