Kriminalisering - Markedsføring - Danske Spil: Danske Spils Markedsføring

Emma Stoustrup Schacht, Sophia Juhl Petersen, Signe Emilie Willesen Smith, Maria Gerlif Pilegaard, Signe Halver, Emma Strunge Mizrahi & Mathias Finsen

Student thesis: Basic Project


This project aims to investigate whether the marketing of gambling should be criminalized,
specifically concentrating on the company Danske Spil and the potentially harmful impact their
advertising has on individuals suffering from gambling addiction. To examine this, we have chosen
to apply the theories of John Stuart Mill that address human liberty, with particular focus on “the
harm principle” which states that the only exception where the freedom and liberty of an individual
can be interfered with is when their actions are harmful towards others. The theories of John Stuart
Mill are frequently applied throughout the project and are used to support the chosen arguments on
both sides of the debate.
The project seeks to analyze various arguments in the debate about whether the marketing of
gambling should be illegal in order to determine whether they are ethical, credible and justified.
Furthermore we have assessed each argument to fully understand the point of view and the
reasoning behind said argument.
It is not our intention to draw any solution based conclusions, but simply to examine the ethical
issues generated. We have found that while the marketing of gambling products may be harmful to
some individuals, there is a lack of proof between the number of addicts and the amount of
marketing. However we have also found that several reliable sources still believe that further
restrictions are required to protect those affected by the advertisement. Based on our analysis and
evaluation of these arguments, we can conclude that there are many different views on whether the
marketing of gambling should be legal or not, or whether there should be restrictions on this type of
marketing that can potentially be harmful.

EducationsBasic - Bachelor Study Programme in Humanities, (Bachelor Programme) Basic
Publication date19 Dec 2016
Number of pages60
SupervisorsThomas Søbirk Petersen