The Competition state in the pedagogical practice

Morten Huusfeldt

Student thesis: Master thesis


In recent time, there has been an increasing demand for documentation in the field of social work. The reason for this demand is, according to the author and professor Ove Kaj Pedersen, found in a new form of state that has taken over the Welfare state in Denmark. This state is loosely translated to “The Competition State”. This state favours an economic logic throughout the Danish institutions and supports the citizen, who finds self-realization through work-ethics and individualism, were as the welfare state favoured self-realization through school, family and community.
This master investigates how the competition state has influenced the social work and pedagogy in the Danish pedagogical institutions, that includes children from the ages 3 to 6. Furthermore, it investigates whether or not the social workers within these institutions, agrees with the competition states values and demands for the pedagogical institutions, and how it state has influenced the social workers as professionals. In order investigate this, three interviews was conducted with three social workers from different institutions and background. In order to analyse these interviews, a theoretical framework was used to interpret the results from the interviews.
The project found, that for the interviewed social workers, documentation was seen as a tool, to improve their profession and pedagogical thinking. Furthermore documentation was used as an instrument to receive recognition in a society, which favours the competition state. However, within the interviewed social workers there were values, which led back to the welfare state. Therefore it was concluded that the competition state was present within the pedagogical institutions, and that the social workers faced daily dilemma whether or not they agreed with the values and demands of the competition state.

EducationsEducational Studies, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date28 Jun 2016
Number of pages62
SupervisorsJan Kampmann & Kirsten Grønbæk Hansen