Club 56 - Designing a website

Annagrethe Heuser Mortensen, Mia Lundgaard Abrahamsen & Nicolai Khadim Hur Nielsen

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


Klub 56 is a sex club at Vesterbro that seeks to increase the number of costumers, especially single women and couples, by exposing their organization through a new website. During the last 15 years the numbers of costumers have dropped severely due to complete absence of communication with the world around the club. Therefor this thesis examines how you can develop a prototype for a website that primarily motivates single women and couples to use Klub 56.

The process of designing the prototype is based on The Wheel – a lifecycle template, which proposes four so called UX-activities that’s essential to consider if you want to design a product with a great user experience. Our methodological approach to data collection is a combination of qualitative interviews, a qualitative questionnaire and a think-a-loud test. In the process of designing the prototype we consider different user needs concurrent with design principles. We draw on theories by Donald Norman, Lene Nielsen, Yvonne Rogers amongst others.

Based on the research, the thesis concludes that the perception of safety when interacting with a website for a sex club is a key point amongst the informants. In relation, the thesis suggests that single women and couples want Klub 56 (and sex clubs in general) to expose a set of rules and to communicate who they are: including pictures of the club, a list of facilities, a plan drawing and a presentation of the people who run the club.

EducationsCommunication, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date28 May 2018
Number of pages46
SupervisorsNiels Christian Juul