The Development of Climate-Awareness in Denmark: Bachelor project in historie, Roskilde University Autumn Semester 2018

Frederik Roland Sandby & Rikke Søndergaard Jessen

Student thesis: Bachelor project


This paper strived to examine and explain the historical development of climate awareness in Denmark. This was achieved by performing an oral history interview of a citizen group from the area of Oelsemagle, Koege and analyzing their self-perceived and non-perceived climate awareness. The results was compared to the results of a quantitative climate awareness-report by the Danish thinktank CONCITO, called Klimabarometeret. Which was coupled with a historiographical analysis of climate-related events in Denmark throughout the timeperiod 1960-2018. Our intend to examine the development of climate-awareness was supported by relevant attitude-theory and the theory of barriers for developing habits, as well as riskassessment theory and the habitus concept from sociologist Pierre Bourdieu. Our source-material was examined through the combined lens of the source-critical theory by historians Kristian Erslev, Hayden White’s historiography- theory, as well as the commemorative-history theory by Bernard Eric Jensen. Our results showed that there’s been a national development of climate-awareness, especially in the year of 2018. However, the area of Oelsemagle seems to have been exempt from this development. Furthermore, the primary barriers to changing habits seem to be a lack of economic incentive, comfortability and social conformity.

EducationsHistory, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Bachelor
Publication date16 Dec 2018
Number of pages79
SupervisorsStefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen