Kan maden redde udkanten - en undersøgelse af udviklingspotentialer i landbrugserhvervet i Lolland Kommune: En undersøgelse af udviklingspotentialer i landbruget i Lolland Kommune

Mie Dyreberg Haldrup & Amalie Westborg Schiøtz

Student thesis: Project on Graduate Program


The following project provides a picture of the challenges that rural areas, including the Municipality of Lolland, is facing today. In relation to this, an insight into existing development opportunities for the agriculture on Lolland will follow through a selected number of theories on local growth. Furthermore, the potential of prioritizing the value of ‘experience economy’, clustering of agricultural businesses, strategic and holistic planning and resilience as preventive tools will be examined. A number of local food producers on Lolland, and representatives of the public administration on Lolland will contribute to the project's direction and relevance. In addition to this, the project will study strengths and weaknesses that are connected of what is today defined as farming - this in order to explore possible future trends.

EducationsGeography, (Bachelor/Graduate Programme) Graduate
Publication date26 May 2016
Number of pages89
SupervisorsKristine Juul